Why link building is important to improve your sites traffic

Link building is one of the most effective ways to build your website and brand online, making it an authority and a flagship in your industry. The importance of website traffic cannot be overemphasized. It is perhaps the determining factor between a successful and unsuccessful business today, especially in a highly competitive industry. Business owners employ several strategies to outmatch their competitors. Online marketing appear to be the most sensible approach, especially because most of the customers can now be found online but effective online marketing requires the basic components of link building, SEO, and social media marketing.

Link building is extremely important. It can help you to improve your website traffic and leads in a remarkably way as mentioned below.

An important Search Engine Ranking Factor

Moz.com recently published an article on the search engine ranking factors. The article identified domain-level link features and page-level link features as the two most important ranking factors. Of course, content and keyword factors are equally important but the survey showed that link building is more important in ranking websites. Evidently, website traffic is determined by site ranking because the higher the rank of a site on the search engine the greater the chances of users visiting such site.

Google considers it important

Google is perhaps the king of the search engine and has since been an authority in the field. Interestingly, link building is one of the most important factors considered by Google (of course, the search engine giant considers a lot of other factors). The authority and quality of the site you are linked to are used by Google in determining your site rank. This makes it highly important for businesses, especially startups to ensure that they are linked to a quality link. On the other hand, linking to a bad link will makes Google to view you in the negative light. This might attract some penalties and sanctions that could reduce your site rank or even harm your business.

Link Building helps for Seamless Site Navigation

The essence of link building is to enable users to easily access one site from another. Hence, users can easily access a site and even trust in their products, offerings and services, especially when such site is linked to a trusted and authority site. Thus, link building could be a way to improve your sales, grow your business and convert potential visitors to reliable customers.

Link building is similar to business recommendation. When you are linked to a quality site, users will be made to believe that such site endorses your products and services. This could be a good way for startups to get hands on in the market and grow their brand. Google is up and doing to penalize website that employ bad practices in link building and other SEO strategies. The usefulness of link building can never be overemphasized. It is a highly important factor in increasing website traffic and leads as well as in growing a business.

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