How Link Building can Help Increase your Sites traffic

Site ranking has become one of the most important things for businesses across the world. Ranking high in Google and some other search engines is now synonymous to business growth. When a business website ranks high in the search engine, it means that customers (both current and prospective) can easily locate such website online and purchase their products and services. However, the reverse is the case with low ranking websites.

Interestingly, businesses can increase their site ranking and draw more website traffic in several ways such as SEO, social media marketing and so forth. However, one of the most important ways of increasing website traffic and leads is link building. The concept of link building is not new; it is as old as websites and search engines are. Link building is a way of interconnecting websites; allowing users to access one website from another and for search engines to easily crawl through websites.

Link building can help businesses increase their site traffic in several ways. Some of these ways are shortly outlined.

Google Looks out for Quality Links

One of the most important parameters used by Google in ranking websites is the quality of links they build. Of course, both quantity and quality could come to play but quality weighs far greater than quantity when it comes to link building. The density of a particular link in your site is immaterial. In other words, if a given link is linked several times in your site, Google will consider is as just one link. The concept of relationship and referral matters so much to Google and therefore if you are linked to a quality website, chances are your brand also has high quality.

Amazing Users’ Traffic

The essence of link building is for users to easily visit your site from another site. This means that linking to a quality site can increase the volume of your website traffic remarkably. The extent of the increase could be unprecedented and usually depend on the product and the type of site you are linked to. It is a form of online recommendation and when it comes from a trusted site, users can confidently contact you for their required services or products.

Link building with good content

Link building is immaterial if you don’t have good content. Google encourages white hat SEO but frowns at black hat SEO because people cross the defining line to build links using several fraudulent approaches. One of the best practices in link building is quality content creation. Good contents carry natural attraction power and will likely attract links to you. Of course, there is no guarantee but you stand at a better chance with good content than with a bad one.

To build a sustainable link, it is recommended that you follow white hat SEO practices. Black hat SEO practices may seem to be more profitable at the onset but the end results are usually disastrous and could attract a lot of penalties from Google that might put your business to risk.

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